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The Cell, Molecular and Cancer Biology Phd Graduate Program is an interdisciplinary graduate program that involves faculty and researchers from multiple departments on the Indiana University School of Medicine–Bloomington campus. The emphasis of the program is on the fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms that lead to the proliferative growth associated with cancer. The primary objective of this graduate program is to train independent research investigators who can make contributions to their fields of knowledge while working in academic/government institutions or industry laboratories. In addition, students are given the opportunity to explore a multitude of other career possibilities while working toward their degree. Alumni from the Cell, Molecular and Cancer Biology graduate program have successful careers in biomedical research, both in university and biotech setting.


The research interests of the CMCB Faculty include molecular and cellular biology, genetics, epigenetics and cancer biology.Scientists here range from those who study the basic processes of how cells divide to those who are actively involved in clinical trials for new cancer chemotherapeutics. With a shared interest in understanding the relationship between structure and function in health and human disease, these groups provide research opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and graduate, medical and undergraduate students.

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Bloomington, Indiana is an iconic university city. Graduate students here enjoy the collegiate atmosphere of a Big 10 campus and access to some of the best music, cultural attractions, festivals and outdoor activities in Indiana - all while training for a successful research career among the most accomplished cancer and molecular biology researchers in the United States. Know More>>